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Student Testimonials

Jilu George

OET (2017)
I am Jilu George. I was one of the OET online candidates for the batch which began on 27 October 2017 at MWT Global Academy. I wrote the OET exam on 4 November 2017 and I got the following scores - Listening C+, Reading B, Speaking B, and Writing B. This was my second attempt. I can combine this with my previous score. Thank you MWT Global Academy team for helping me to achieve this score. And thank you Anupama for your immediate reply to my emails and clarification of doubts. I also thank my tutors Sruthi Ma’am, Fincy Ma’am and Rubi Ma’am for their efforts.

Sharon Baby

IRBP (2017)
The course gave a lot of practical and useful information on life in Australia, and also refreshed my knowledge on certain topics like drug calculation ECG, BLS and Diabetes Mellitus (DM).

Maria K Thampi

IRBP (2017)
The preparatory class that you arranged was very beneficial for my IRON programme in Australia. The ECG course was very simple and easy to understand. All the faculty members were very friendly.

Rajith Joseph

IRBP (2017)
All the course material was good, and the drug calculation classes and ECG course were especially informative. Tutors were very knowledgeable and sincere. Overall the sessions were good. I would definitely recommend this training to my friends.

Ciby Iype Thomson

Thanks a lot for giving me an opportunity to write a testimonial and also for giving me the confidence at the first place that getting a job with a Certificate 3 in Aged care is possible. I wish to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Ms.Neethu & Ms.Nidiya for their excellent guidance and valuable support given to me through out this whole course. Care training is the best place to start the career in health care sector. I am so happy to choose IHNA training for my Aged Care Certificate 3 course. The staff of IHNA is so nice to everyone and is always ready to help the students. Due to the good quality of training provided by IHNA, I was able to get a job in Australia. I also learned more skills on how to take care of elderly people. What I enjoyed most about the course was the quality and content of the program, being taught by trainers with extensive industry experience and gaining valuable insight into Aged Care. It was so kind of you in helping me with this big work Neethu. You made it happen. I can say, with the benefit of my experience, that you can trust IHNA with your future. Keep up the good work Ms. Neethu and Ms.Nidiya. All the best for your future efforts.

Anila Antony

OET (2016)
MWT Global Academy’s comprehensive coaching that encouraged my confidence and enabled me to achieve such a good score in my OET exam.

Deepika Manilal

OET (2015)
I would like to thank the trainers of OET who prepared us for the exam. Your tips helped me a lot with completing all the sections. I found your course to be very helpful. It is a wonderful place to learn and practice. Thanks!!

Amrutha Joy

OET (2015)
First of all I would like to say that it is a great honor to write this testimonial as I have cleared my OET with required grades. Thank you so much and I referred this site to many of my friends. I am indeed grateful for the support that you have given us.

Elsa Jose

OET (2015)
I enrolled for two months course. My instructor was really an approachable person who is always keen in clarifying my doubts .There is ample study materials for all the modules. The main highlight is the individual attention which I got from my tutor. I have already recommended about this institution to many of my friends and will definitely recommend to many more. Already one of my friends has joined here. I was weak in my writing module and my instructor helped me a lot to improve and I am very thankful to her.

Tom Xavier

OET (2015)
I would like to extend my gratitude to (MWT Global Academy). The course has really helped me achieve my grades as per OET. I express all my thanks to the whole team who helped me. It was indeed a wonderful experience.

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