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Mr. Dini Domini K

CEO, Health Careers Group

Email : dini@healthcareersgroup.in

The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving and is a rewarding and exciting field of study and practice. New technologies are expected to transform the face of this industry—improving outcomes, enhancing lives and providing optimised care.

MWT Global Academy is privileged to be a leading player in the healthcare education sector in India and abroad. In this rapidly changing environment, where healthcare practice is continually undergoing change, an education in healthcare is more important today than ever before.

Year on year, the demand for highly qualified healthcare professionals far outweighs the supply, and this deficit is only growing on a global scale. To address this demand, we offer career-oriented study programs that are designed to upskill and reskill the workforce, equipping them with competencies that are on par with the best in the world. The curriculum combines theory with hands-on practical learning, delivered through state-of-the-art nursing labs that allow learners to develop, fine-tune and apply their skills in a simulated environment.

Graduates from MWT Global Academy are well qualified, highly competent, dedicated and caring professionals, and have made their mark in global healthcare environments. Through our global network, we are able to connect our graduates with placement opportunities in leading healthcare institutions, giving them a head start in a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Through MWT Global Academy Education Hubs, we seek to provide online learning opportunities to students from remote locations who wish to pursue international study programs. Students can avail of best-in-class facilities and access a range of professional development programs that will allow them to get global qualifications without leaving the country.

Overseas registration exam preparation training programs will help aspirants get up-to-speed with the knowledge and skills to ace overseas registration programs. Well-structured Australian certification courses can also be undertaken from the comfort of their homes and will lead to fulfilling career opportunities abroad.

Now and into the future, MWT Global Academy aims to be a leader in accessible, high quality healthcare education and redefine new, transformational models of care. The pathbreaking and innovative thinking that led to the establishing of our group companies over two decades ago still continues to inspire and motivate us, as we guide our students toward success in their chosen fields of healthcare expertise.

The tradition of Innovation- Caring-Excellence that has marked all our activities over the years is as fresh and vibrant as ever. As we make a mark in the global industry, we welcome you to share this exciting journey with us!